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Monday, March 13, 2017

Fitness 50-50: The New You! Sign up this week!

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Get your teams together and register this week! Our 12 week contest will not only inspire individuals to make positive changes concerning health but this will also have a positive effect on  business as well . 

This initiative is exclusive to our members & their staff, family and/or friends. With registration collected from participants, we will be able to offer a substantial prize to the team that has the most dramatic improvement! Our partnering businesses will be able to provide expert advice for those seeking it as well as facilities/equipment to assist teams in their quest for glory! 

There are a number of significant benefits of a healthy workforce and by promoting a healthy workforce, you can improve:

·       productivity; business performance; staff morale; employee engagement.


You will also be able to reduce:

·       absenteeism; accidents and work-related ill health; sick pay costs; insurance costs;



Your customers not only expect you to have high standards of health, safety and wellbeing, but also being socially responsible. If you look after your employees, as well as the wider society, your business is likely to have a more positive public image!

See all the details in our event section! Registration deadline is Wednesday, March 15

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